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The Village to Village Network was formed in 2010 to support the many existing villages throughout the United States to help new villages get organized.  Parkland Village is a member of this Network.  On this website, you can find information about villages in general, including an interactive map that shows all villages that are Network members.

There are several villages in New Mexico.  To get an idea of how they function, you can access their websites.  They are:

Taos Elders and Neighbors Together (TENT) began services in 2018 and serves the city of Taos and surrounding areas.

Village in the Village serves the village or Corrales.

Villages of Santa Fe serves people in Santa Fe County.

Other resources* are:

City of Albuquerque Home Services program does retrofits (such as grab bars, tub cut-outs, safety steps and raised toilets), minor home repairs, and selected chores to low-income people and people over 60.  Call them at (505) 764-6400 months ahead of when you need the work done.

Senior Companion Program provides companionship for frail, isolated seniors and helps them with meals, and light chores.  Call them at (505) 764-1612 to volunteer or to receive services.

Click on the following link for the Albuquerque Quick Guide to Senior Services.  When you click on that link, you will get to a page that lists various city programs for seniors.  Scroll down to where you see "View Quick Guide" and click on that.

Area Agency on Aging is a local, but federally funded program that, among other things, provides to low-income seniors home delivered meals and groceries and home chores, such as housekeeping and personal care.  Call (505) 764-6400 to access these services.

CREW (Community Renovation Empowering Women) is a non-profit organization consisting almost entirely of women who perform minor repairs in and around seniors' homes.  They do not charge for their labor, and they can often get materials donated.  (505) 343-9307.