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Parkland Village is now providing services to dues-paying members.  (There is financial assistance available for those who cannot afford the regular dues.  We do not turn anyone away for lack of funds.)  The services our volunteers are providing are as follows:

  • transportation
  • light chores in and around the home (including yard work)
  • computer and other technical support
  • friendly visits.

We encourage residents of Parkland Hills and Southeast Heights neighborhoods to contact us and indicate their interest as potential members and/or potential volunteers.  If you provide us with your contact information (, we will send you updates, newsletters, and invitations to online events.  We will also send you the volunteer application and/or membership registration form.  However, you can find both on the website and copy either of them and mail them to us.  In any case, we would love to have your name, e-mail address (if you have one), address, and phone number, or any of that contact information that you feel comfortable sharing with us.  If you wish, you could also let us know what services you anticipate being able to provide.  There are people who both need services and can offer other services.

The benefits of volunteering including the satisfaction people can get from helping their neighbors.  You will get to meet, work with, and coordinate with other volunteers, who are also your neighbors.  Volunteers will get to attend meetings in which they can share their experiences volunteering and get support from other volunteers.  We also encourage people to help us do the organizing work we need to keep this vital project moving forward and making a difference in the neighborhoods we serve.  Strengthening a sense of community in our neighborhoods is an important goal of Parkland Village.  We could use help with outreach and recruiting, volunteer coordination, member services, website development/maintenance, fundraising, accounting, and event programming.  Perhaps you have other ideas we haven't thought of.