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Parkland Village does not currently have volunteers, other than Board members and committee members.  We are not currently providing direct services to residents of our service area.  We had been hoping to offer services some time in 2020, but the Covid pandemic has put that on hold.  We continue to organize so that we will be in a position to offer services once the pandemic is over.  We will be seeking volunteers who can provide the following services to residents of Parkland Hills and Southeast Heights:

  • transportation
  • light chores in and around the home
  • computer and other technical support
  • compassionate visits, and
  • attendance at Village events that will be designed to strengthen a sense of community in our service area.

However, we have decided that there are several services we will offer during the pandemic once we identify people who need those services.  Membership will not be required to receive those services prior to the time we begin our fill array of services.  The services we will offer during the pandmic are:

  • compassionate (friendly) phone calls
  • yard work and
  • food bank deliveries

In the meantime, we encourage residents of Parkland Hills and Southeast Heights neighborhoods to contact us and indicate their interest as potential members and/or potential volunteers.  If you provide us with your contact information (, we will send you updates, newsletters, and invitations to online events.  We would love to have your name, e-mail address (if you have one), address, and phone number, or any of that contact information that you feel comfortable sharing with us.  If you wish, you could also let us know what services you anticipate being able to provide.  It is possible that, at some point, we will be in a position to offer services that do not require in-person contact.  In any case, we anticipate that there will be people who both need services and can offer services.

In addition, we encourage people to volunteer now, not to work providing services directly to residents, but rather to help us do the organizing work we need to do to move us closer to being able to provide those services.  We could use help with outreach and recruiting, website development/maintenance, fundraising, accounting and online event programming.  Perhaps you have other ideas we haven't thought of.